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Policies & Procedures

Regular attendance is critical for student success. GDCS staff will check every day on students who are absent. Parents and/or guardians are responsible to contact the school any time your child is going to be absent or late. Every student arriving late MUST see Ms. Roberts before going to class. This is very important because otherwise we ill not know if the student has arrived safely at school. 

A GDCS student in Grade 1 (Room 6) is allergic to FISH and PEANUTS. Please refrain from bringing these products or sending these products into the classroom. 

Fire Drills
Fire drills are conducted several times throughout the year to ensure that all staff and students learn to evacuate the building effectively and account for everyone. Various scenarios must be practices to teach alternate routes. Students and staff DO NOT stop to put on footwear so please make sure that children have indoor shoes on at all times, and encourage them to take the drills seriously.
We are fortunate to have a sprinkler system and a specially constructed gymnasium that provides a fire delay refuge in the event of evacuation during extremely cold weather.

School Closure & Emergency Protocol
The yearly calendar and weekly newsletters show dates of early dismissal for staff meetings, other closures, and holidays. However, unexpected closures may result from water or power failures, forest fire evacuation or other emergencies.
As part of our Safe School Policy, we have a protocol established to deal with various emergency situations. Parents are contacted by phone and students are dismissed as quickly as possible or moved to a safe location. We do an evacuation practice in the fall for students and staff.
Note: It is important that we always have UP TO DATE INFORMATION FOR CONTACTING PARENTS AND/OR GUARDIANS. Please keep the school informed of any changes of phone numbers, addresses, or alternate contacts.

School Telephone Usage
Students are required to make arrangements for their after school activities and going to a friend’s or relative’s house BEFORE coming to school. Students MUST ask their homeroom teacher or supervising staff for permission to use the school phone throughout the day.

Noon Lunch Policy
Eating lunch at school is a privilege and students are required to obey all lunch supervisors. We request that parents send healthy food lunches if possible. The school has an emergency breakfast and lunch program. The school has an emergency breakfast and lunch program, but is meant for emergencies. We may need to do follow-up lunch requests if they are continually asked for by the same students.

The purpose of the lice policy, is to try to keep the lice population under control in the school without placing undue stress on the child or their family.
1. Students who may have lice are checked by a staff member. If the student has lice, the student is isolated with their homework until they can be picked up or taken home. Other students in the classroom and siblings will be checked.
2. The student support worker informs the parents/guardians and asks them to pick their child(ren) up and take them home and explains the 3-step treatment required before student(s) are allowed to come back to school. The 3 steps are: shampooing hair, removing nits, and cleaning the home environment.
3. Alternative forms of treatment may be needed in cases where the shampoo is ineffective. A letter with the date and classroom teacher’s name are given to the teacher to send home with all the students in the class.

Discipline Policy
Our goal is to teach students self-discipline and responsibility for their own behaviour. Students are expected to demonstrate respect for themselves, others, and their environment-in the school, on the playground, on the bus, on the way to and from school, and at after school and evening programs. Students who misbehave are asked to problem-solve to correct the situation. If students aren’t able to do this, parents will be contacted by phone or letter. In the event of continued misbehaviour, students, parents or caregivers and appropriate staff will be involved in making a plan of action to deal with the situation.
Suspensions:  Students may be suspended by the principal or vice-principal for a period of up to 3 days, for any of the following reasons:
– overt opposition to authority
– refusal to follow school rules
– willfully destroying school property
– using profane or improper language (swearing)
– serious misconduct
Parents will be contacted if their child has a suspension. Students may be given an in-school or out of school suspension depending on the nature of the problem. Parents will get a letter stating the reasons for the suspension and the time period involved.

Bus service is contracted from NorthWinds Bus Lines Limited. They work closely with the school to provide safe transportation for the students. During extremely cold weather, the buses still operate in town, but the choice of whether or not to send children on the bus is a parental decision. However, every attempt should be made for students to attend. The buses have radio contact with their base at all times so safety is ensured.
Respectful behaviour is required on school b uses. The Education Act states that every pupil is accountable to the school bus driver. Students may be suspended from the bus for violent behaviour or repeated misbehaviour such as not listening to the bus driver. They will receive a suspension notice that they are to give to their parent. Parents may contact the bus company directly at (306) 425-2629. Disputed matters will be dealt with by the principal and/or a NLSD representative.

Taxi Program
To ensure that ALL kids can participate in after school programs, GDCS helps make taxi rides more affordable for families. We ask that students using the taxi program pay $20.00 at the beginning of the year. $2.00 will be debited from the student’s account for each taxi ride home. If parents are unable to pay for taxi rides, arrangements can be made to volunteer at the school instead.